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    About Us

    CHU-Do a professional supporting role

    • Established in 2009, Jiaxing Zhongchu Button Co., Ltd. is located in Xitang Town, a thousand-year-old town known as the Jiangnan Water Village. Is an entrepreneurial company with "small and beautiful" business philosophy. It mainly supplies various material buttons and functional accessories for brand clothing. Zhongchu Button Co., Ltd. has registered "CHU" and "Zhongchu" trademarks. As of 2019, it has applied for 6 national patents for button equipment. Zhongchu attaches great importance to the training of talents and accepts professional talents. The team is the foundation of the company. Our achievements come from teamwork.

    Details make a difference

    • Our products include copper buttons, alloy buttons and signs, plastic buttons and accessories, silicone buttons and signs; shell buckles and horn buckles of natural materials; combined buttons, air eyes, and rivets. Cooperation is complete.

    Focus on buttons, Heritage

    • To serve domestic customers mostly, a small number of foreign customers, quality and service are recognized by customers; supporting clothing series are outdoor sportswear, down jackets, coats, trench coats and knitwear, jeans and casual clothing; we require business staff to understand the buttons Buckle also understands clothing. Being willing to be a supporting role, to be a professional supporting role is the direction of our Chu people!

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